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Did you know that people unconsciously trust search engine results?

For as little as N1, 000 monthly, your business can become visible to over 90 million online users.

There’s more.. You can also increase your sales and brand awareness with priority listing on the Vconnect Market Place, which gives you.

24/7 access to over 1.6 million users.


  • Targeted Services: Access to users seeking targeted services
  • Priority on Vconnect: Priority Listing on Vconnect platform based on customer review
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization via Google
  • Discount: Discounted rates for customers
  • Feedback: Real time customer feedback

What You Need

  • Any variant of the Diamond Business Advantage Account
  • Up to date payment of monthly fees for each account variant
  • Payment of the discounted monthly subscription of N1000 for a minimum of six (6)months
  • Contact details of your business