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You can now convert your foreign
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Home Invest

Make the world your oyster with the Access Bank Home Invest Account.
It’s the perfect opportunity for investors with access to foreign currency to take advantage of local currency yields in Nigeria.
It sounds simple. Well, it is! At the initiation of your investment, the foreign currency funds (transferred from an offshore account) are converted to Naira. The Bank guarantees a Naira-return, based on prevailing market realities. At maturity, it pays the investor the principal and agreed Naira return.

Account Features:

  • Minimum investment amount is USD $10,000
  • Minimum investment tenor is 90 days

Invest in your future with a world of benefits:

  • Access to high-yield, local currency investments
  • As an investor, you can repatriate funds on maturity
  • Enjoy access to price analytics and market news
  • Plan your local currency requirements with foreign currency cash flows

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