Earn Locally, Invest around the world

Investment Management

Investment management means taking care of not just your personal needs but also the needs of your family and your business. 

We provide a full-service that encompasses investment management, estate planning, retirement, tax, asset protection, cash flow and debt management. 

Your Private Banker works with you and our expert investment managers to develop your personal strategy. We build tailored discretionary portfolios based around your individual investment objectives and attitude to risk.

Access Private Bank places a sophisticated set of resources at your disposal to help you create, track, preserve and enhance your wealth. Our multidisciplinary team of finance professionals ensures you benefit from additional wealth-creation opportunities around the world.  We provide discretionary services for investing in capital and money markets and give you first-hand information on investment market trends. 

We also offer the services of our property-lending experts who will help you purchase buy-to-let properties in the UK.

Our overriding aim is to create wealth for clients like you and to enhance and conserve this for years to come.