FacePay provides a unique, secure and easy way to make payment for items/services at registered merchant outlets without using your card or cash but your Face.

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Access Bank PLC - FacePay


Access FacePay is an alternative payment solution using facial authentication that leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide a secure, quick, seamless and convenient way to make payments at merchant locations. It also enables seamless transactions within our branches.

FacePay provides a unique, secure, and easy way to make payment for items/services at registered merchant outlets without using your card or cash, only your face is required.


  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Convenient

How it Works

Transaction at Access branches

  1. Input registered mobile number with Access Bank 
  2. Place face within the camera boundaries, following on-screen instructions 
  3. Select transaction type (withdrawal or transfer) 
  4. Select preferred account for debit 
  5. Enter beneficiary’s bank and account number (for transfer option)
  6. Input transaction amount 
  7. Transaction is completed upon confirmation (for withdrawals, collect cash from the teller)  

Payment at merchant locations

  1. Enter Transaction Amount
  2. Input registered mobile number with Access Bank
  3. Take a selfie ensuring your face is within the ‘Blue’ perimeter
  4. Select preferred account for payment (account balance is invisible)
  5. Click confirm to complete transaction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Faster transaction processing
  • Easy to use
  • Higher security 

The solution uses unique facial dimensions to identify the customer and matches it against BVN image to authenticate who the customer is.

FacePay can be used at our registered merchant outlets to make payments for items/services and to carry out transactions at our branches.

Security of our customers’ funds is always our top priority. This solution leverages artificial intelligence to authenticate users against their BVN images using their bank registered phone number. The solution is very secure.

FacePay enables you to make payments for goods/services at merchant outlets without using cash or card, just your face!

All our customers can use FacePay to make payment for goods/services at registered merchant outlets.

To have FacePay deployed at your business location, simply speak to your Account Officer or call our contact center on: 07003000000 to sign up.

Merchants are charged the same Merchant Service Charge (MSC) on POS. There is no additional cost.

  • Click here for the list of merchant outlets