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Access Bank Group, along with 5th Chukker hosts the Access Bank UNICEF Charity Shield Tournament and Access Day

As part of its continued support of UNICEF, Access Bank Group, along with 5th Chukker, hosts the Access Bank UNICEF Charity Shield Tournament (in Kaduna) and Access Day at the Guards Polo Club.

The Polo tournament is an extension of Access Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility partnership with Fifth Chukker to support UNICEF in its anti-poverty and anti-HIV/AIDS campaigns in Northern Nigeria. Our support for the Fifth Chukker UNICEF initiative comes from the fact that we are conscious of our role as a change agent in Nigeria and remain poised to help institute socio-economic development through responsible business practices.

Access Bank Plc - Fifth ChukkerSince the UNICEF/Access Bank initiative was started in 2007 it has seen the rebuilding of two schools in Kaduna and more than 8,000 students sustained in continuous education. At the same time new school blocks and a computer literacy building all in a more secure and friendly school environment have been developed. The communities surrounding the schools are being supported with bore-holes for water, and sewing and grinding machines to secure employment and stimulate economic and social development. Some of the beneficiary schools in Kaduna now have renovated classrooms, new toilet facilities, water through the construction of bore holes, alternative power generating system (solar) and furniture.

Not only does every child need basic education, there is the need to go further in the provision of opportunities and amenities that would encourage learning and the mental development of the child from an early age as this ultimately determines what kind of solid foundation the child has.

This sponsorship, now in its twelfth year has continuously provided the Bank an opportunity to alleviate the plight of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Kaduna State, Nigeria through educational and community development projects.