Domiciliary Account

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Domiciliary Account

This is a foreign currency account for individuals living outside Nigeria. The account is funded in Pounds, Euro, Dollars and Yen.

Product Features

  • $100, £100 & Euro 100 opening balance
  • Interest rate 0.01% p.a. (above 100,000 GBP, USD, Euro)
  • Cash Handling charge of 0.5% on withdrawals
  • No minimum daily balance
  • Customized cheque book (on request)
  • No Monthly Maintenance
  • No restriction on number of withdrawals


  • Account is online real time
  • Free Financial Advisory Services
  • Earn interest (Diaspora Savings) on account balances
  • Monitor account activities at the comfort of your home or office through the internet
  • Third party withdrawals

Account Opening Requirements

The requirements for Diaspora Savings, Diaspora Naira Current and Diaspora Domiciliary are the same, and includes:
  • Duly completed account opening form including signature mandate section.
  • 1 Passport Photograph
  • Proof of Identity: A notarized/sighted copy of any one (1) of the following Identification:
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    A valid Nigerian passport
    A valid International/foreign passport – supported by proof of Nigerian origin (Birth certificate, expired/valid Nigerian passport or driver’s license, etc.)
    A valid Nigerian driver’s license
  • Proof of Residential Address: A notarized/sighted copy of any one (1) of the following:
    Duly filled Banker's Confirmation
    Copy of utility bill issued within the last three months showing the same address as supplied.
    Bank/Credit statement issued within the last three months showing customer address
  • References (Diaspora Naira Current and Domiciliary accounts): Two acceptable references using either of the following options:
    Option 1:
    An independent reference letter obtained from current bankers (foreign) and
    A signed reference form by an Attestor of Nigerian origin who maintains a current account with a Nigerian Bank.
    Option 2:
    Two signed reference forms by Attestors of Nigerian origin who maintain a current account with a Nigerian Bank.
  • Indemnity: Duly executed indemnity form (for Email, Fax and Scanned Documents)
  • For Joint accounts: A notarized copy of marriage certificate is also required along with all other necessary documents as stated above.
  • BVN of signatory(ies)
  • AML risk assessment
  • FATCA form (if customer is residing in the USA)