Colony Capital Money Transfer

Colony Capital allows individuals living in Canada, Europe, UK, and US to send funds to family, friends, and associates living in Nigeria.

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Fincode Money-Transfer

Colony Capital Money Transfer

Colony Capital allows individuals living in Canada, Europe, UK and US to send funds to family, friends and associates living in Nigeria. 
Funds can be transferred directly into your Access Bank USD domiciliary account or received in US dollars cash at any of our over 500 branches nation-wide.



  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Reliable

Requirements for Cash Pick-up

  • Transaction PIN
  • Expected Amount in USD
  • Acceptable means of identification
  • Sender’s name and address
  • Receiver’s name, address, and phone number

Pick-up Cash in US Dollars

Non-account holders can also pick-up cash in US Dollars at any of our branches.

Acceptable Means of Identification

  • BVN
  • Nigerian International Passport/Foreign Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Permanent Voters card
  • NIMC card


This service is available to both account holders and walk-in-customers who are above 18 years.