Communication & Disclosure


Securing investors' interest by delivering information effectively and in a clear and timely manner.

Communication & Disclosure Policy

The objective of this Investor Communication and Disclosure policy is to ensure that communication with the investing public about Access Bank and its subsidiaries is:

  • timely, factual and accurate;
  • in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements; and
  • broadly disseminated.

Under the regulation of the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE), Post Listing Rules and the Companies and Allied Matters Act as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission Rules, dealing in shares of a Public Bank by persons who use material information which has not been generally disclosed to the public may result in such persons, as well as the Bank, incurring substantial liability. The additional objective of this Policy is to ensure that Access Bank and persons associated with it avoid any trading or other activity (or the appearance of any such activity) based on an improper use of material information that has not been generally disclosed.

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