Our various Businesses and their Functions 

Our Businesses

Our various businesses and their functions are:

Division Corporate Banking Commercial Banking Business Banking Retail Banking
CUSTOMER Institutional clients with an annual gross revenue of N20bn and above Mid-tier corporate customers with annual gross turnover> N1bn Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with <N1bn turnover Provides personal financial services to individuals in inclusive banking, value chain, developmental and private banking
Focus on key industries: oil and gas power, infrastructure telecommunications and manufacturing Asian companies in key sectors Asian and Lebanese companies in key sectors Over 36 million customers with 667 branches and 3,080 ATMs
    400,000 customers exist  
PRODUCTS & SERVICES Financial advisory Cash management Payroll management Mobile banking
Trade/Structured finance      
Treasury Tailored lending scheme (value chain) Trade finance Payroll management
Strong relationships with non-financial institutions and multilateral agencies Liquidity management Payment & collection Specialised savings account
  Trade finance Financial advisory Current and investment accounts
  Advisory services Asset finance Personal loans advances and mortgages